Rethinking My Rethink

The next project I start is still going to be the Findhorn Wrap, but now I’m rethinking my yarns. I had planned on using these colors:

But those really aren’t colors I wear most of the year, and I would be struggling to wear it. So instead I’m planning on these:

The black and gray are my neutrals, and instead of having three other colors, I’m having three gradients. Though probably going to replace one of the reds with a shade between dark red and pink. We shall see. So the last thing I need to decide is color placement. I did a little coloring on graph paper this evening to play around with some ideas. Getting closer to a start!

14 thoughts on “Rethinking My Rethink

  1. My phone goes to black and white when it is after 10pm so I can’t see the colours but can tell the tonal contrasts on your new selection looks way better. It’ll be a surprise when I next see a post about it and see the colours. 😄


      1. Yeah, that’s me any any super-bright colors. I love knitting with bright colors, but don’t usually wear them. I’ve discovered that I can get around that by knitting brightly-colored gifts, or knitting myself bright socks. I’ve gotten very eclectic with my sock choices. 😉

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