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Super Lazy Weekend

I had all kinds of big plans this weekend. A hike somewhere scenic! Kondoing our garage! Reorganizing my stash!

What did I actually do? Caught up on TV shows, ran one (1) errand, and knitted. Oh well – now I’m recharged to do all those things next week. Maybe.

How was your weekend? Productive or relaxing?

15 thoughts on “Super Lazy Weekend

  1. Productive weekends can be great! But… so can lazy weekends to recharge. I was a little productive in that I sorted my cross stitch stash and got rid of some old clumps of embroidery floss without labels that “might come in handy someday” and did a lot of knitting. Sadly, I also realized I had to undo a huge chunk of the knitting because I was going to run out of yarn. Oh well.

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    1. That can feel just wonderful – recognizing when you aren’t going to use something and can get rid of it! It makes getting to your good stuff much easier. Sorry about having to undo the knitting – that is never fun!


      1. I do love getting rid of stuff when there’s no question of whether it’s the right decision! And I’m just glad it was a good quality yarn. Re-doing half a sock with yarn that couldn’t stand up to being ripped out and re-knit would be no fun. (And probably would be an indicator that the yarn wasn’t sturdy enough to be socks, now that I think about it.))

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