FO Finally

My mittens are finished! The pattern is Burnished Mittens. They were designed by Lily Kate France, and are part of AC Knitwear’s Confident Knitting. This month’s technique is Vikkel braids, which you see around the houndstooth pattern panel. The yarn is Old Maiden Aunt Superwash merino 4-ply, in the Lon-Dubh colorway. I’m not sure what the light colorway is, as it was a miniskein included in with the bigger skein.

Very happy with these mittens – they are a lightly snug fit, but not tight, and are very comfortable. Also, I got to learn a new type of knitted braid, which is always fun. The pattern was very well written and easy to follow, and as always the AC Knitwear tutorial videos were very clear and helpful. The yarn is really nice to knit with. It is silky feeling and has a good amount of twist.

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