Wednesday WIPs

In addition to the DH’s socks of earlier post fame, I’ve got two projects on the needles right now.

The Cemetery Drive cowl is moving along. I like the yarn colors together a lot, and it is a pretty straightforward pattern. So far, so good!

The first Burnished mitten is done, and got a little bit of a start on the second. It looks like it might be too skinny to fit, but the main pattern is a 3-1 rib, so it’s pretty stretchy.

What WIPs do you have going on right now (crafty or not), and how are they going?

9 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. The sewing is stalled because I have been away from the sewing room, but the knitting is going to ramp up since I will be gone all but 2 days the rest of the month. But then, I do plan on taking my sewing machine with me. LOL!

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