Double-Pass Technique

I took a VK Live class this morning on a technique I have been looking into for a while. It doesn’t seem to have a formal name, though the teacher of this class called it the double-pass technique.

Essentially, you are working with two colors of yarn, and instead of working two rows (back and forth) with color A and then two rows with color B, you work a row with A, then a row with B, then knit back with A and back with B. Then to make cables or traveling stitches, you are basically slipping stitches of one color and cabling those slip stitches around to make the pattern.

It’s one of those things that looks like it’s hard, but it’s not. Which I’m glad of, because I am thinking about doing Lucy Hague’s Lindisfarne (Rav link) which uses this technique. So I was pretty thrilled to see a class on it. The teacher was Maddie Harvey, who also has some patterns using this technique and did a very good job with the class. I had to get up really early this morning to take the class – it was 6 – 8 am! – but I’m glad I did.

21 thoughts on “Double-Pass Technique

    1. Boy, I don’t know! If you are working it in the round, it does go one round at a time to make the same effect. But if you’re knitting flat it may have to be double pass


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