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Yarn Tasting!

Today my Mom and I attended a virtual yarn tasting!

Hill Country Weavers in Austin Tx ran this Zoom event, which features a presentation by a representative from Blue Sky Fibers, who talked about a new yarn line that just came out and also some new colors for existing yarns. She showed all the patterns that have been created for the new yarns. This is Blue Sky Fibers’ 25 year anniversary, so apparently there are some exciting things in the works for this year. She hinted, but no details. Also the shop staff and some attendees shared items they had made with Blue Sky Fiber yarns.

But what is a yarn tasting without yarn samples? The event included yarn sample packets, which Hill Country Weavers had in the mail a record-breaking 1 hour after I placed my order!

Unfortunately, they didn’t get here until this afternoon, after the event was over, but there was no helping that. I have already started swatching my samples! They did a really good event – it was informative and fun. Definitely worth doing!

We had such a good time with it that I went poking around on the internet to see if there were any other such events out there. As luck would have it, there is! Berroco is distributing spring/summer yarn tasting kits, and there are a few stores out there doing virtual tastings. Here is one of them – there way well be others.

Have you been to a virtual yarn tasting or other online fun event? Tell us about it!

19 thoughts on “Yarn Tasting!

    1. It is a great idea! We really enjoyed it, and it was interesting 🙂 Metalico is best out of the ones I sampled. It is 50/50 alpaca and silk. It is so soft and drapy! It wouldn’t be great for everything, but maybe a cowl or similar.


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