And Now for the Blocking Part

When we last saw the Evolve cowl, it looked like this:

But it needs to be much broader, especially around the bottom. The pattern photos show it down around Jen of AC Knitwear’s shoulders. This will not fit around my shoulders as is. So off to the blocking instruction videos!

After soaking it and then rolling it up in a towel for a bit, I broke out my nifty new blocking wires and got going.

Blocking wires went around the neck edge and bottom edge – then for the tricky part.

I pinned out the bottom edge as aggressively pulled out as I dared, then needed to find something to put in the middle to stretch it up to the required height. After poking around for a bit, I hit on our mixing bowl set, upside down and stacked with the smaller ones on top of the bigger ones.

Then knitting needles crossed through the neck edge to keep it stretched up…

And we’ll see if that has done it tomorrow!

Pattern is the Evolve cowl, which is part of AC Knitwear’s Confident Knitting pattern/technique club. The yarn is Dusty Worsted in colorway Amour dyed by Dusty Dimples.

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