Come On, April!

I only have one active project right now, my Throwback cardigan, which I will write about tomorrow. But I’m about to have two more going a little later this week!

On Thursday we will get the second Confident Knitting project. What type of project is it? Who is the designer? What is the technique? We don’t know, though it is fun trying to guess. What we do know is what yarn will be needed. This month’s yarn from the Spring kit is a DK/Worsted yarn dyed by Dusty Dimples. Here’s mine.

This yarn color is a bit out of my wheelhouse, but it is pretty. If I wind up not wanting the finished product, there are a few people in my life who are pink fans, so someone will want it 🙂

Then Saturday, the Fibre Space KAL for the Bonbori wrap. There was a great variety of kits available for this wrap, and I got a black, gray and blue set that I am very happy with. My Mom got some greens and khaki that she likes a lot too.

The yarn is Di Gilpin, which I had not heard of prior to this KAL, so I’m interested to try them out. It feels very soft, and the colors are lovely. I’m just hoping it knits up nicely too!

Do you have any projects you are looking forward to? Do tell!

14 thoughts on “Come On, April!

    1. I hope it will all be fun to knit! Koro Koro is so pretty – I will be interested to hear what you think of it. Bigger on the Inside is so cool! I may need to make that one as well 🙂 Maybe for me, maybe for a Whovian friend of mine.

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  1. I would be so nervous with any type of mystery lesson or project, I’m definitely a planner. I have stopped on my cardigan whilst I try to finish my socks. Then I will monogamous knit my cardigan and then I will find some projects with enormously fat yarn to knit in a day haha

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