Throwback Yarn

Ever since the pattern for The Throwback cardigan (Ravelry link) came out a couple of years ago, I have wanted to make it. My plan was to use the colors of the northern lights in the colorwork on the yoke, and black for the main color. So I’ve kind of been on the lookout for yarns for the colorwork ever since. I was at the point of seeing if I couldn’t commission a local dyer to do custom colors for me, when wouldn’t you know it – the closeout section at Webs came through!

And I’ve been a little bit stressing about the yarn colors ever since I ordered, as sometimes what you see on your screen isn’t what it actually looks like, but these are just what I was hoping for. Here’s a Google search on “northern lights” images that may give you an idea what I was thinking about. The green is the most typical, but blue and purple do show up as well as a few other colors. Pretty thrilled about this yarn. I may be doing some winding and swatching this week! 🙂

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