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First Cast-On of 2021

My Mom and I thought it would be fun to start the new year with a new easy project, so we cast on easy diagonal scarves with some yarn from our stashes.

The yarn is a mohair gift pack of Adele’s mohair, which we got from Biscotte yarns several years ago. My set is Underwater, and my Mom got Tuscan Terracotta.

Ever since I got this yarn, I kept thinking I should really design something to knit with it. In the end, we are using one of the patterns that came with the kits. This coming year I am going to try to knit down stash as much as I can, so it feels good to be getting this massive box of yarn out of the stash and into a project. It is knitting up very soft and cozy, too πŸ™‚

How about you? Any new projects for the new year?

21 thoughts on “First Cast-On of 2021

  1. That’s a good idea: new year cast on, knitting down stash, all of the above! Those blues are pretty. I’m still nose to the grindstone on Franca, but I did cast on the litmus cowl with my advent yarn. I’m going to have so much yarn left over! I will put it toward a memory blanket.

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  2. Such gorgeous ocean colours. I have just got to half way through my ADVENTuresome Shawl. I have some baby camel and silk handspun that I keep searching for a pattern for. I already have 2 shawls with this fibre so was thinking a hat or mittens. 220 metres of Aran weight in purple…arrrggghhh decisions decisions. It’s so soft it seems a waste not to have it next to my skin though. In the meantime I’m working on the shawl.

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  3. Those colors are just fabulous! That box of yarn is the kind of thing that languishes in the stash for far too long because I don’t want to use it! I mean, it is so special, so there must be an absolutely perfect project or use for it. I love the scarf, but I can see why you wanted to create something even more special with your own design. Great first project for the new year.

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