A Very Yarny Christmas

If you celebrate Christmas, how was yours? If not, how was your weekend? My Christmas was a pretty good one! My Mom is here with us, so she and my DH and I opened gifts together. They both liked what I got them, which is always nice. I got some great yarny gifts. My DH got my a sock yarn set from the Icelandic Knitter that goes with a sock pattern club I’m in with her.

In addition to the potholder loom (of earlier post fame), my Mom got me some Halloween yarn and some breed-specific yarn that qualifies as Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em skeins.

Then we Skyped with my brother and SIL and opened gifts together online. We always exchange local treats with them. They recently moved from Florida to Wisconsin, so the exchange was a little different this year. Normally we send them birch candy and other AK specific things, and they send us citrus-based items. This year we got a couple of different cherry-based items and a few other Wisconsin treats 🙂

Then after all that, we sat down to craft and to start our traditional holiday movie marathon. DH and I are off of work this coming week, so we decided on a Hobbit and Lord of the Rings marathon. Hopefully the rest of the break will be a nice as Christmas was!

15 thoughts on “A Very Yarny Christmas

  1. Lovely crafty gifts – you lucky lady! How great to have family who ‘know’ what to get you. Whilst I had lovely presents there wasn’t a ball of wool or knitting pin in sight. It was a quiet one for us, lovely to just be our little family, great food and a couple of Christmas movies with feel-good plots!

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    1. 🙂 Up here they tap birch trees for sap like other places tap maple trees. They make syrup and caramels and hard candy out of it. It’s pretty good! I never heard of it before we moved to Alaska, so I think it’s unique to here.

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