Wednesday WIPs

I’ve got two projects on the go right now, one that I call the Hippie Hat, which I don’t remember the actual name of, and the Flock of Four cowl.

I bought the kit for the Hippie Hat at Calypso Farm‘s stand at the last MatSu fiber festival I went to, which would have been June of 2019. For a while last winter it was my work desk kit, which I worked on during lunches. Then this spring I got sent to work from home, and the kit became my car knitting kit for when we were on long drives or had to wait in the car for whatever reason. Well, we don’t really go on long drives right now, so this thing wasn’t getting worked on at all. So I decided to get on it and finish it off! It is bulky wool, so it is going quickly. I was a little past the red color rows when I picked this up this evening. Hopefully will be finished by the weekend!

The Flock of Four cowl is moving along a bit. Can you see where the new yarn starts?

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