Wednesday WIPs

Now that things are settling down a little on the knitting front, I’ve got 2 projects going. My skirt continues to progress, and I picked up something I started and put aside this past spring.

The skirt is moving along really well! It doesn’t look like much of anything other than static at this point, but trust me – it’s getting there. I have about 1 more inch of straight knitting, then a couple inches of border. I did 2×2 ribbing on my orange version of this skirt, which works fine, but I’m wondering if I don’t want to do seed stitch or something different. This yarn is very textured, so any fancy stitch pattern I do will be a waste. Well, I’ve got about an inch to think about it, so we shall see! After I bind off, I do have to add elastic and sew down the waistband, and then knit in the pockets. That’s another decision I need to make. I don’t want to do the pockets in the same yarn, so I’m trying to decide between plain black or plain blue yarn. I think either would work, but I’m leaning toward black.

My other current project is a shawl I started very early this year but then set aside. This was when I was still going to be going to Vogue Knitting in Seattle this past March, and I wanted to have it to show off. But then that didn’t happen, and other projects did happen, so it’s been languishing in the bin since probably April.

The pattern is Oregon Sky, by Michele Bernstein, aka PDX Knitterati. She is also the designer of my Half the Knit Sky shawl, of earlier post fame. Among other things, 2020 is my year of knitting sky shawls from Michele πŸ™‚ The yarn is a kit from Knitted Wit – I really love the contrast of the bright pastel rainbows against the dark yarn πŸ™‚ I would guesstimate I am about halfway through with it. I have 2 more lace repeats, another rainbow band, another lace band about half the depth of this one, then a rainbow edging band that has a lacy element to allow for some nifty shaping. Follow the link above, you will see what I mean πŸ™‚

Although I’m enjoying both of these knits, I’m looking forward to getting them done – hopefully that will be within the next week or so!

Are you working on any ongoing projects? How are they going?

19 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. I admire anyone who knits skirts. Since I can’t even knit a sweater that fits properly, a skirt is waaay put of my comfort zone. As for your shawl….love it. Crescent shawls are one of my favorite shapes. The colors on yours are striking. I looked at the photo of the end design. The edging is fabulous. I might need to go and search her patterns.

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    1. The skirt really is just a tube with a little minimal shaping. You could do it! The pattern is Simple Straight Skirt from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. It is a really lovely shawl – she does nice patterns!


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