FO Friday

I got a few things done this week, some of which I will share in a few days 🙂 Mybrother’s slippers are done.

And I’m halfway done with my SIL’s.

I know I mentioned this before about my brother’s, but they both picked out their colors 🙂 They will need to do the felting on these, so I’m writing up the instructions to send along. Although there’s a reasonable chance my brother will wear them as is – he has an odd sense of humor 🙂

How are your projects going?

11 thoughts on “FO Friday

    1. They did pick very cheery colors 🙂 They do get felted in the washing machine, which makes it easy. So far I have not added no slip to them, but it is definitely something that could be done!


  1. Nice and easy to felt in the machine. I have seen this squirty stuff you can use in a pattern or randomly on the base to make a non slip surface – was just wondering for the future !

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