Breed-Specific Fabulosity

Oh, knitting world. Just when I make a firm decision not to buy anything for a while, you you throw something at me I can not resist. This time it was a four-pack of yarn from four different breeds of sheep along with a pattern that will allow you to really try them out.

This set popped up in an email from MDK (Modern Daily Knitting) late last week. I even tried the “I’m going to wait 2 days, and if I still want it, I’ll buy it” – no use. Could not resist. The same impulse that got me so interested in Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em hooked me on this yarn too.

The yarns are from Targhee, Romney, Montdale, and Border Leicester sheep and are from Solitude Wool. First impression on getting my hands on this yarn is to notice the differences in the feel of the yarns. Each definitely has its own characteristics, which I am excited to explore more The labels on the skeins are everything a yarn nerd could hope for. Characteristics of the sheep and the wool, farm the yarn comes from, details about how it was spun, and specs on the yarn itself (weight, length, suggested needles size, etc.)

Also as part of the package, you get a digital download of the MDK field guide #5, which is on sequence knitting, and directions for making a cowl with your nifty sample pack. That was another selling point for me, as I had taken a class on sequence knitting, but have yet to actually make anything with the technique. So this project will let me do two things at once – bonus!

All of this reminds me of the yarns I bought for Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em – I really have to get back to those and make something with them!

Are you a yarn nerd, or indeed a nerd about anything in particular? What’s your passion – do tell!

25 thoughts on “Breed-Specific Fabulosity

  1. Longwayhomestead has a breed specific knitting workshop that I struggled with but successfully avoided. I should probably learn more about breed specific fiber since I want to have sheep. Don’t you think? 🤔 Anyway, you’re going to love knitting with those. I can smell the lanolin from here. I love knitting with Targhee. My Carbeth is made from Targhee. It’s super soft and squishy and warm.

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    1. Ooooo! Your Carbeth sounds amazing! Longway Homestead, you say? Thanks for the tip – I will need to check that out 🙂 Learning more about sheep will come in time – when you are closer to that point you will look for that info!

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