2020 – The Plan so far

In December 2019, I decided on my knitting plan for 2020. In short, I would make 6 pairs of socks and 6 sweaters. Then, like a show-offy batter in baseball pointing to the stand he is going to hit the ball over, I actually named specific socks and sweaters I was going to make.

So how has that worked out for me so far? Eh – partial success. I will very likely get to 6 pairs of socks this year, and 2 of the 6 pairs are ones I said I was going to knit. I’ve got 5 pairs done and the 6th is close to done.

I’ve got 4 sweaters done and a 5th in progress. It’s just possible I will be able to sneak in a 6th one, but the odds are not great. Of these, 4 are ones I said I was going to do.

In addition to spelling out my mad plan, I also stated, in spite of all logic and sense, “The 2020 motto is ‘If it isn’t in the bin, it’s a distraction!’ ”

Hahahahahahahahahaha! I actually did hold out until late February until I did something that wasn’t in the bin. Since that point though, it’s been non-stop. 2 outfits for Dolores (which I can’t grudge), 2 pairs of slipper, 1 pair of baby booties, 2 shawls, 3 cowls, and 2 pairs of handwarmers. And counting, because there’s more lined up and ready to go.

How about you? Do you plan out your crafts, or just let it roll. And if you did have a plan for this year, how is it going?

26 thoughts on “2020 – The Plan so far

  1. All your knits are so great. You can be proud regardless what the plan was. The more I try to buckle down, the worse I am about sticking to it. But I am going to try to stick close to my stash in 2021.

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  2. I started the year with a plan, and stuck with it for the most part until we moved. Then I just knit what I wanted all of the time. Also, instead of sticking to stash for projects other the the ones outlined in my 2020 knitting plan, I ‘ve been buying yarn constantly. Like once a week.

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    1. Right there with you. It’s like – I can’t control basically anything in my life, except for the amount of yarn I have. Coping mechanism for sure, but it also results in us having fabulous yarn stashes!


  3. No plans here, just whatever inspires me! I don’t stash much, so when an idea comes, if an appropriate yarn isn’t in the stash, I get to shop. The trick is only to buy yarn when ready to cast on. That’s the incentive plan!

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  4. Your socks are lovely. I must learn how to knit! I think your partial success is still worth celebrating. You have knitted a lot! This year we planned some traveling and due to the pandemic all our tickets were cancelled. But what can we do. We can all just hope for a better next year.

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  5. I reckon we should all get a free pass for this year, it’s been far too ridiculous for sticking to strict rules with our crafting. Although it’s possible I’m only saying that because I’ve managed a whole one item from the ‘make nine’ that I planned…

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