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Haunted Transmissions: A Spooky Viewing Quiz

Like many people in this week leading up to Halloween DH and I have been watching spooky movies and TV, and spent some time talking about what makes a show or movie spooky to us. Which made me wonder – what is spooky viewing for you? I will answer below – feel free to share your answers in the comments or on your blog!

  • What’s the spookiest TV show you have ever watched?
  • Have you watched the new season of Unsolved Mysteries? For that matter, did you watch any of the many, many old seasons of Unsolved Mysteries? If yes on any of that, do you find this a spooky show?
  • Do you watch any ghost hunting show? What is your opinion on these shows – fiction, plausible, don’t know?
  • Are there any genres of horror movies you can’t/won’t watch?
  • What kind of horror movies do you enjoy and why?

Here are my answers:

  • The spookiest TV show I ever actually watched was the X-files. A lot of the episodes were just interesting or fun, but some of them just creeped me out to no end. The spookiest TV show I never watched was Millenium. We were going to watch it, then there was a commercial for it with a demon clown on the ceiling, and I noped right out of that one.
  • I have watched the new season of Unsolved Mysteries, and find it moderately spooky. Some episodes are interesting, others are creepy – just like the older version. I watched Unsolved Mysteries on and off over the years, and I’m glad it’s back!
  • We do watch ghost hunting shows. I do believe in ghosts or spirits. Are they catching them on these shows? Doubtful. But it is fun TV anyway.
  • If I have any need to sleep for the next couple of nights, I can’t watch anything to do with clowns or alien abduction.
  • I quite like vampire or werewolf movies, for the most part. Most classic monsters are great, and also any horror movie from the 1950s or before. They are kind of adorable!

Play along …..IF YOU DARE!

32 thoughts on “Haunted Transmissions: A Spooky Viewing Quiz

  1. I love watching Ghost Hunters and hate that they’re split up now. If I read any book by Stephen King before bed I have nightmares. He’s the only author that does that to me. 😂 And I refuse to watch or read anything about clowns. No thank you!

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  2. Great quiz!
    • Dark Shadows! I would not have been interested but the school sent home a notice saying not to let your children watch. Then I was curious.
    • Yes! I love Unsolved Mysteries. I’ve probably seen every episode. There were some spooky segments but mostly it was just interesting.
    • I do get sucked into the ghost hunting shows. I prefer the ones with clips filmed by regular people and then analysed by the hosts. The hunts tend to seem more faked particularly as the seasons go by.
    • I don’t like anything gross so no Texas Chainsaw Massacre for me.
    • Anything Stephen King. Nothing is scarier than anything he comes up with. I’d be very afraid to see what goes on in his head.

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    1. Thanks for playing along! I love that the school warning made you curious enough to watch Dark Shadows 🙂 I really like that show! Also Unsolved Mysteries – there’s always something at least interesting on it. Agree on the nothing gross – I don’t care for gore either.

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  3. I don’t think I can play along, as I get really scared really easily. Have you seen Pee Wee’s Big Adventure? Large Marge gave me nightmares for month. I had to check under my bed before I got in, with my mom in the room, to make sure it was safe. If you ever want to do a quiz about knitting podcasts, I would have something to add.


  4. I don’t watch scary movies really, I watched Hostel years ago and had nightmares for weeks after. Horror, sci-fi and fantasy aren’t my thing really. But I like how you and Alissa really go with the theme and I enjoy watching you both enjoy it…if that makes sense.

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      1. OK, are you ready??? I’ll start with my top favs:
        Already Gone, True Crime Chronicles, True Crime Garage, Crime Beat, The Minds of Madness, Real Crime Profile, Serial, They Walk Among Us, Crimelines, Casefile.
        For humor: Bloody Murder, All Killa No Filla
        One of my favs that is a mix of humor and seriousness is 9-1-1 Calls Podcast with the Operator.

        Now, tell me your favorites!!

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      2. Wow! I hadn’t heard of a lot of those – will have to check them out! I’m a bit of a newbie with true crime podcasts. I like My Favorite Murder for humor and the Murder Squad for seriousness. I haven’t listened to much else so far.

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      3. So quick warning – MFM is pretty swear heavy, so if you do not prefer salty language you may not like it. The Murder Squad is pretty clean, as far as I have noticed. I will have to check out the ones you noted!

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