Haunted Handwarmers Done!

After taking an unreasonably long time to knit, considering they are fingerless gloves, the Haunted Handwarmers are done! The pattern and yarn are from Jimmy Beans, and were a Fright Club option. You can definitely see where the rows ended. Maybe it’s because they’re haunted? Or more likely because I cannot seem to get it together to learn that jogless stripe technique πŸ™‚

How are your projects going?

15 thoughts on “Haunted Handwarmers Done!

  1. They look so cool! Was the pattern the same for both mitts? IT’s a shame the jog isn’t on the underside of the hands for both mitts. I’ve figured out the jogless stripe for striping the same color in the body of sweaters, but it hurts my head to think about it for colorwork so I haven’t tried that yet.

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  2. Mine are going well, if not a little neglected! It may take me 5 days to get around closing up the crown of a hat that I almost knit completely in 1 evening. I have 10 rounds to go!! But when you ignore it, it doesn’t get finished. Who knew? Love the warmers!

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