Try Again

Well, the Buttoned Wrap Skirt did not go as planned. The fabric wasn’t right, and basically, this yarn did not work with this pattern. Which is fine! It’s a nice pattern, and eventually I will find the yarn that will work for it. Maybe even the suggested yarn – who knows? And for now, this yarn will go to making a skirt I know it will work for.

I made a Simple Straight Skirt a couple years ago with this very yarn in a different colorway. I don’t like to redo patterns, but this one is pretty straightforward, and I think I can get it knocked out pretty quickly. It’s nothing fancy, but sometimes that is just what you need 🙂

I’m honestly just a little irritated that I went on with it for as long as I did. I kind of knew it wasn’t going to work almost from the start, and yet continued on with it for some reason. Do you ever do that – just keep going on with something you are reasonably certain is not going to work?

17 thoughts on “Try Again

    1. A couple things – First, I was knitting on 8s to make gauge, but that made the fabric too open and loose. Second, the skirt actually has a lot of shaping, and the yarn is so nubbly and textured that it was very hard to read my knitting, which lead to me repeating sections and having to rip and reknit.


  1. I’m sorry your skirt plan didn’t work. If I had a dollar for every time I run into a problem with my knitting my stash would be double it’s size. Of course I tend to create my own problems;) You’ll have success next time:)

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  2. Well, bummer. But, atleast you do have a plan B for the yarn. And, yes, I have continued working with a yarn that I knew, after 4 or 5 rows, was not going to work. I kept thinking the fiber fairies would come along and make it all better.

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