Sock It To Me Monday: Black Hole socks: the Adventure Continues

AKA the plain black socks my husband requested, which I try to make sound more interesting by giving them a name with an unwarranted level of drama. How are they doing, these plain black socks? They’re coming along.

How are your socks doing, out there in the world of color and light?

12 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday: Black Hole socks: the Adventure Continues

  1. Ah! Now I see why you are calling them “black hole socks”. I thought you had some special knitting abilities that were going to allow you to create an event horizon for the socks in which no light can escape – ha! (knitting meets astrophysics)

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  2. What a good wife you are. LOL on your nickname for your husband’s WIP; I don’t blame you.
    I have a harvest/fall themed sock goin on right now which is fun and I’ve been using sock leftovers for the heel and toe.

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