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A Quirky Quiz

Karen at NothingButKnit shared this quiz earlier this week – she always has fun quizzes πŸ™‚ My answers are below. Feel free to give your answers in the comments, or answer on your blog and leave a link so we can check out your answers!

  • Do you have any quirky decorative pieces that you just love?
  • Do you have quirky food habits? What is the quirkiest?
  • Everyone has a favorite shirt. Do you have a favorite quirky piece of clothing? Maybe it’s super comfortable. Maybe it’s your favorite color.
  • We all love to craft. Do you have quirkiness involved with your crafting?

I would say my decor style is 90% quirk and 10% things other people gave me. One example is my giant carved wood tiki fork and spoon, left over from when we had a tiki living room. As usual, please excuse the terrible indoor nighttime photo.

I think my quirkiest food habit is my favorite part of most pies is the crust, so I scrape out the filling and eat that first, and save the crust for last.

My favorite shirt is a souvenir t-shirt from when we visited Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, which we went to because Ghost Hunters had been there. Its a very flattering shade of gray with a picture of the building on it, and it’s several years old so it’s gotten very soft. It’s starting to get holes in it, so I don’t wear it out of the house, but it’s so comfy that I do wear it around the house pretty often.

I do often choose quirky projects.

What’s your quirk factor?

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