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Tea for Two: Tazo Forager Edition

My story today starts, as my stories often do, with yarn. I recently bought a Dinosaur Eggs: A Study miniskein set from Yarnaceous Fibers, whose dinosaur and geology themed asthetic I enjoy.

Along with my cool yarn, she sent me a lovely little stitch marker and a little packet of Tazo herbal tea. The tea was an unusual flavor – juniper mint honey. It was delicious! Over the next couple weeks, I looked in both our usual grocery stores and had no luck. My next step was checking online. As it turns out, Tazo is only marketing this line of teas – the Exclusive Foragers Edition – through Target. Our Target didn’t have them, so I wound up having to order from Target online. But finally, I have two boxes of the fabulous juniper tea and one each of the other three flavors in the series, which claims to be inspired by different sectors of the US.

The juniper mint honey blend is really balanced – the mint doesn’t overpower the mix as it often does, but is definitely there, and you also get the honey flavor. If you like old fashioned horehound or sarsaparilla or flavors like that, you will like this. The wild apple and sarsaparilla is likewise slightly medicinal with a lot of sweetness from the apple. The elderberry blackberry flavor is very nice and fruity – it doesn’t have the sharp sourness that fruit teas can sometimes have, but does have a nice berry taste. And finally the prickly pear cactus tea is also a pleasant surprise. It has hibiscus in it, but doesn’t have that kind of harsh sharpness that hibiscus sometimes gives. It really does taste of prickly pear – slightly sweet and fruity.

All in all, these are all really tasty, well balanced teas! And they are Tazo, so they aren’t expensive or extravagant. They are well worth trying if these flavors sound at all good to you. I myself plan to order backup boxes, as I don’t know if this is a limited time thing or what. But I do know I want them on hand!

Tried any fun new beverages lately? Exotic iced teas? Crazy cocktails? Do tell!

18 thoughts on “Tea for Two: Tazo Forager Edition

  1. I’m going to have to try the Juniper Mint Honey. It sounds really good! The newest thing I’ve tried is a Kroger brand smoothie. It smelled so good but tasted like vomit.

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  2. Wowza, you got hooked up. Nice that she sent you all that tea. I love the theme of the minis. Reminds me when my oldest used to love dinosaurs and boys made fun of her in first grade; I told her teacher and she gave the class a talking to.

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