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Plant Update

I have been knitting away, but it all looks kind of like it did the last time I took pictures – there’s just more of it now 🙂 So time for an update on the plants!

It’s a little hard to see, but the avocado has spouted a stem with some tiny little leaves on it – very exciting! Before this, I had not had great success with getting avocado seeds to sprout, but this time I tried something different. I followed the Empress of Dirt’s method from here. She has all kinds of other nifty plant growing tricks I hope to try out eventually 🙂

The basil and cilantro are also doing well. We started pinching them back just a little here and there, and they are responding pretty well.

On the floral front, the marigolds and linaria continue to bloom like crazy, but the big news is that the dwarf zinnias have started to pop as well. The little red guy in the front is the first, but there are other buds ready to go any day now.

We had thought the morning glories were not doing much, but on further examination, they are winding themselves around the linaria and there a quite a few blooms ready to go there as well!

If you are doing any gardening, how is it going? If not, seen any pretty summer flowers around elsewhere?

13 thoughts on “Plant Update

  1. I am barely keeping a hanging pot of flowers blooming. Not even sure what flowers they are, I am so plant illiterate! LOL Lovely collection in your balcony planter.


  2. Your flowers are gorgeous! I have cakes coming in. But there are zero flowers on the tomatoes, and they are leggy. I’ve got lots of cilantro, though. I also have volunteer sunflowers by the bird feeders, and the geranium is ready to burst!

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