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Pride Sock KAL Prep

Well, I finally made the decision between my rainbow yarn options, and wound up my Knitted Wit Radioactive Rainbow. It is very bright and cheery and makes me smile every time I look at it.

Also, ultimately this is me with my Gnarledpaw yarn

It’s my own, my Preciousssssssssss!

How about you – have any yarns you have a hard time getting yourself to use up?

10 thoughts on “Pride Sock KAL Prep

  1. Lovely choice:)
    I have a skein of Sunshine Yarns in the color Snape. I looked on my blog to find when I bought it: 2008. At the time I said I loved everything about the yarn and I could picture in my mind the socks I could knit with it but if I did I wouldn’t have the yarn anymore. I still feel that way:)

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  2. Not yarn but sneakers. I love wild multi-colored sneakers that don’t go with anything. I buy them and admire them sitting in my closet. Sometimes I wear them but they never seem quite right. I blame it on my mom who made me wear sensible colored cloths that went together and then there was the school uniform. Eight years of navy blue makes you yearn for color! Love your choice.

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    1. Crazy sneakers are fun! I know what you mean – I have some Catwoman sneakers that I rarely wear because 1)they don’t look right with anything I own, and 2) if I wear them they might get dirty, and eventually wear out.

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  3. That yarn is beautiful. It will make awesome socks. I don’t have the hoarding problem with yarn, but I do with race shirts. I just went through my T-shirt drawer yesterday to thin it out, as it was stuffed full. Even shirts that I don’t wear hold memories and I am reluctant to put them in the “donate” pile! 🙂

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