Just 2 1/2 Years Later

In October 2017, I bought and read a book called Dimensional Tuck Knitting by Tracy Purtscher, which is about a new technique she developed for creating texture in knitted fabric.

Today I took another day off from production knitting to just play around, and this time I finally got around to trying out some of the many stitch patterns from this book. Sorry again for the terrible indoor dark pictures – I may try to get some tomorrow in the daylight.

Some of the stitch patterns look like cabling, but they aren’t. You create folds in the fabric by knitting stitches together on the back of the work in specific patterns.

The patterns go from pretty simple to very complex. I didn’t get into the really complicated ones, just played around enough to try out all the different types of stitches in use for the technique. The book actually has several garment patterns in it, you could use the stitch patterns pretty much anyplace you would use cabling. Like cables, they do distort the fabric, so that’s something to be aware of if you want to use them for a garment or similar. Anyway, it is a fun technique, and I’m glad I tried it out! Also enjoyed having a little experimenting time again 🙂

On a slightly related subject, I found I enjoyed listening to podcasts while I worked on this, but only know 3 of them (Welcome to Nightvale, My Favorite Murder, and The Sporkful.) What are your favorite podcasts?

17 thoughts on “Just 2 1/2 Years Later

  1. That looks interesting. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard is my favourite audio podcast but I’m now up to date so listening to The Office Ladies, Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster, The Happiness Lab, Desert Island Discs. But I listen to those whilst walking, gardening and housework. When knitting I watch TV.

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  2. I’m really enjoying Fruity Knitting on YouTube right now, so much I now support their Patreon. I also listen to the Interweave Knitting Nerdcast and Talking Tudors. I would love to branch out though.

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  3. That looks like a very interesting technique. I’d never heard of it.
    If you enjoy crime I’d suggest The Murder Squad, The First Degree, True Crime Garage, My Passion Case and Crime Writers On (they review podcasts, movies, documentaries and such).

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  4. My favourite murder is my all time favourite podcast… yaassss!
    Oh try Smashing Sundays… it isn’t every sunday unfortuanlty but its chilled and honest, you feel as thought you’re sat at the table with the girls having a cuppa.
    Adore the red btw, I cant wait to see the end product. Hope you’re well lovely xxx

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  5. One of my favorites is Aria Code – a collaboration with the Metropolitan Opera where they deconstruct an opera each time with someone who sings it as well as “experts” – like they did one of Lady Macbeth’s arias from Macbeth and Dame Judi Dench was on! So it’s about opera but really more about the human emotions behind it. I also really like Mo Rocca’s Mobituaries and Lost at the Smithsonian (only 10 episodes)

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