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More Virtual Events

VK Live is doing another virtual event in early June! Link to register is here. Classes are selling out already again, but there were some left last time I looked, for anyone interested. There have been hints that they might do a bunch more of these, which I am definitely hoping for 🙂

Also, this year my beloved Alaska Run for Women is going virtual. This is a massive breast cancer event, which I have done every year since we have gotten here, with two exceptions. Every year this event takes over midtown and downtown Anchorage for a couple hours. It’s just a rowdy ocean of pink in every direction. Streets are shut down, park strips are taken over with events, participants park at malls and office buildings miles away and the event runs shuttles to get you to the start. Bands set up along the route to play, different groups and companies set up water stations, and people just line up to shout encouragement and sometimes just run into the crowd to hug walkers. There are different waves – the first for serious runners, and then the party waves of people dressed up and just walking, which is where you will find me.

Anyway, this year it will be virtual, which means you register online, and then do the 5K yourself, at your own pace and wherever you are. Participants are encouraged to post to social media when they are doing their walk, which I will do. I will miss the enormous hootenanny of the usual event, but it certainly has to be that way this year. There is no way that social distancing could happen at this thing. This is the thing I’m saddest about missing this year. I’m actually a little teary thinking about it. But next year it will be back and hopefully bigger than ever, and that’s something to look forward to!

Have you participated in any online or virtual events at all? If so, what did you think of it?

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