WIPs Ahoy!

So as it turns out, 3 or 4 projects going at once is a few too many for me. I feel like I’m not making real progress on anything, and it is irritating me. So I’ve decided to put aside Palm Canyon as well as Niazuma for the moment.

That leaves me free to focus on Arachne and Temple of Flora. Hopefully I can get Flora done within the next week or two, then something can come back out of hibernation. I’m hoping to get down to one bigger project by June, so I can focus on mildlygranola‘s Pride sock KAL! ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the desire to cast on ALL THE THINGS and then wind up sorry you did? How do you normally handle it?

12 thoughts on “WIPs Ahoy!

  1. I know exactly of what you speak. I keep a limit of 3 active projects at once. One must be mindless (often socks), one very complex (colorwork or lace) and something in the middle. Even though Iโ€™m not bothered by seeing little progress usually, I do get tired of things that stagnate.
    Youโ€™ve got a good plan:)

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  2. Yes, I do get startitis. When it happens, I go ahead and cast on. Usually within a month it leaves and then I pick a couple of the items to focus on until they are completed. Luckily, startitis only hits a couple if times a year.

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  3. Yes! I’m there right now. I have two sweaters, socks, a hat, and two scrap blankets on the needles. My May cast on is a Christmas stocking, which I haven’t started yet. I really hope I finish the hat in a week and work through the stocking quickly. After that I’m not casting anything on until I’m down to a reasonable amount of knitting.

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      1. I really like making stockings for the important babies in my life. I suppose I could take a long time on the stocking and it would be OK, but I want to cross it off the list.

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  4. I don’t neccessarily get cast-on-itis all at once, what usually happens to me is I cast on something, get bored with it, cast on something else, work on that, come back to the first thing for a bit, cast on a third thing, eventually finish the second thing…. etc. I’m usually only really working on one maybe two things at once but I have at least 5 random wips from varying time periods kicking around. I don’t deal with it haha. One of these days I’ll sit down and frog everything I know I’m not going to work on.

    Also, it was great to chat with you tonight!!

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