Favorite Things I’ve Made

Karen at NothingButKnit proposed doing a post of the favorite thing or things we have made. This is a great challenge, and made me think quite a bit about what my actual favorites are – really hard to narrow down! Also, I’ve been crafting for quite a while now, so that makes it a bit harder too. In any case, there’s no way I can narrow it down to just one thing. So a couple categories have runners up as well πŸ™‚

Knitting is probably the craft I’ve done the most of and for the longest time. This is definitely the category that was hardest to narrow down, and I’m honestly still questioning my choices. But these are the things I keep coming back to. My favorite knitted item is my Torque scarf, and the runners up are Dolores and my Halloween leg warmers!

My favorite leather work items I’ve made are variations on the same thing. I wanted to make a Lord of the Rings map purse, so I did a map just to work out how I was going to represent various symbols and to see how it would look. It turned out OK!

So I went ahead and made the purse. Various parts of the map are on different pieces of the purse. Mordor is hidden under the front flap. And I carved the text from the one ring on the shoulder strap πŸ™‚

I also used to do a lot of embroidery, and still have all of my supplies. My Mom and I are actually planning to do an embroidered map project a little later this year, though I haven’t done any stitching in quite a while. My favorite project is a Las Vegas piece I did just for fun. I did it on black velvet πŸ˜€ The outlines are from a Sublime Stitching pattern pack, though I did add a lot of embellishment, including beading, metal sequins, and couching embroidery ribbon for the cigarette smoke.

And finally crochet. I don’t do a lot of crochet, but did have a brief burst of activity years ago. I started by crocheting a set of Christmas angels from the booklet Crochet Angels Around the World, which is amazingly still available. Then I decided to mess around with the patterns to make a set of Halloween dolls, because apparently I can’t leave anything alone. These poor little things badly need to be rinsed off and have their starching redone. The ghost doll is the only one that still stands up. But other than that they are still in pretty good shape for being around 25 years old!

What are your favorite things you’ve made? Feel free to answer in the comments or in a post on your own blog!

20 thoughts on “Favorite Things I’ve Made

  1. Wow! You have so many skills:) I love Dolores of course but I think your purse is epic! So many great things! I love the scarf and dolls too.
    Thanks for joining in! This has been so much more than I imagined:)

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  2. Well of course, as Dolores’ number 1 fan, I was hoping she’d be in your list…and there she is, looking fabulous! The scarf I zoomed in on, it’s such an unusual construction and I bet people comment on it when you wear it, very clever. The leather bag though – wow! That is really beautiful work, you must have such a steady hand and the details on the strap, I didn’t even know you could do such fine detail on leather. Beautiful. The dolls…well with you making the cobweb jumper this year, if you re-set all your dolls with starch you are going to be all set for a very spooky Halloween! I like the headless one best.

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    1. Aw – you are very kind! I really enjoyed making both those things. As far as the leatherwork, I’m really just a beginner. But fortunately for me, there’s a lot you can do with basic skills πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you – you are very kind πŸ™‚ I have a variety of crafts I do, and they kind of circulate in and out of active use. Knitting is my constant, and other things come and go as I need to make things or as inspiration strikes πŸ™‚

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