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Earth Day Quiz

Happy Earth Day! I borrowed this quiz from Kathy at Compassionknit – here are her questions, my answers are below.

  • Have you planted anything by seed this year?
  • Were you given a tree in 4th grade for Earth Day?
  • Did you know there is recycled yarn? Have you tried it ?
  • Do you know you can watch tours of National Parks today online?
  • Can you go without electricity for a day ? by choice?
  • What do you consider you worst offense…when it comes to not helping the Earth ?
  • Did you use disposable diapers…..
  • Does anyone crush cans anymore ?
  • What is your favorite Earth/Space movie?
  • Did you see the meteor shower last night? ?Have you ever seen one? and
  • lastly: we love the Earth, but the allergens are starting to peak. Does pollen bother you ?
  • I have planted a bunch of seeds this year – flowers and a few kitchen herbs. Also, this may not count, but I have a little planter that I grow oat grass in for my cats, and I grow that from seeds.
  • I was not given a tree in 4th grade for Earth Day. My Girl Scout troop planted some trees every year, but we didn’t do anything in school. Also, I lived in a woods, so it was kind of a moot point.
  • I did know there is recycled yarn! One of my current projects is being made of Berroco Remix light, which is made of recycled fibers.
  • I did know that – here is a link to an article on MSN with links to several of those online tours if you are curious.
  • I can go without electricity for a day, but I’d rather not.
  • My worst offense when it comes to not helping the earth is I do buy a lot of stuff online, which then does have to be shipped to me.
  • I do not have any children, so no.
  • Sure – people still crush cans! Sometimes I do, though not always.
  • So many favorite space-related movies – very hard to narrow it down.
  • I did not see last night’s meteor shower, unfortunately. I have seen lots of them. The house I grew up in was very far out in the country and had no light pollution. We used to take blankets out to one of the nearby fields and watch meteor showers every chance we got!
  • Most pollen doesn’t bother me, except for cottonwood, which gets so thick up here it looks like snow. Except it won’t go away.

Feel free to share your answers below or on your own blog. If you do answer on your blog, post a link so we can go check out your answers 🙂

2 thoughts on “Earth Day Quiz

  1. Interesting questions and your answers. If you buy something from a shop then those things needed to be shipped to the store and then you have to drive to the store and back…so I don’t see online shopping to bad/worse. I think just reducing consumption is the best idea.

    I saw the best meteor shower in Michigan in 1991 or 1992.


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    1. That is a very good point. And honestly where I am, the vast majority of things in the shops were transported here for quite a ways away anyhow. So it’s probably not that much more efficient. You are right that just reducing consumption is probably the best way to go 🙂


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