It Felt Like a Lazy Day

Today felt like a lazy day, but now that I’m thinking about it, I actually got a lot done. Three loads of laundry, made a roast for supper, made paneer for supper tomorrow, started some yogurt, tidied up and partially did the floors. Whew!

But I did get some relaxing in as well this weekend. Saturday evening Sarah of mildlygranola had an online knit night which was a bunch of fun! Other than that DH and I watched through Lord of the Rings over the weekend, and are starting to go through some of the specials with the DVD set. And I got some knitting in as well – some on my shark socks and a bunch on my Niazuma top.

I’m about 3 inches away from starting the bindoff for the arms and the raglan shaping, so it’s moving along!

How are your projects going?

17 thoughts on “It Felt Like a Lazy Day

  1. You were so productive, wow! I managed two loads of laundry but everything else was fun. I can’t tell if your top is navy or black but either way I’m impressed–I’m not sure I could manage to knit so much dark yarn!

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    1. I think I was stress cooking. You are always so productive and busy! Niazuma is flying – it’s just stockinette now, so it’s easy to do while in the car or waiting at appointments or similar.


  2. Ooooh, I love homemade paneer. I haven’t made it for a while. I think I need to make it this week. Thanks for the reminder. Now I need to get some spinach for the “Saag”.

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  3. Love the top in progress! I am knocking out mystery blocks and doing a round robin, you add rows around a center block. It’s time to knock out the shawl on the needles, I don’t usually need a month to get a shawl done!

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