Swatch Out!

I started doing my actual real swatch for Arachne yesterday, using one of the gray skeins I was originally going to use for the web. Because it is easy social knitting, I took it along when we went out for breakfast. Three people stopped by our table to ask or talk about it, which was a pretty unusual experience for me. I knit in public pretty frequently – on planes, in restaurants – and rarely does anyone comment. Which makes me wonder if it looks comforting and homey and people are all freaked out right now, or just luck of the draw there were more knit-friendly people in the same place at the same time.

Do you ever knit (or craft of your choice) in public? And if so, do people ever talk to you about it?

11 thoughts on “Swatch Out!

  1. There was a huge increase in knitters after 9/11. People were looking for something to do that was calming and knitting surely fits that bill nicely.
    I do get comments when I knit in public. Maybe I’m not the most approachable person and the knitting softens me a bit. Maybe the knitting just stands out in the places I do it. Or more likely it’s a good opener when the person is pressed for something/anything to say.
    I am jealous you’re swatching Arachne:) I think it’ll be mid April before I get to my swatch.

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  2. I knit in public and get lots of comments. Last week I was with my parents and kids at a McDonald’s with a play place and was working on my sock. There was a knitting group there and asked me to join them. I love how knitting brings people together.

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