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Halloween Sparkle, and Some Whine with my Cheese

I have been looking at my yarns for Arachne

and thinking that the gray is not quite what I was dreaming of for this project. I am looking for something a little more blingy, just for the spiderweb part of the pattern. Then I remembered one of my LYSs had some yarn with sparkle in what I hoped was the right weight. When I got there, not only did they have the yarn I remembered, it had just gone on sale for 40% off! Score!

Better! That’s what I was thinking of! And I got some extra, because I keep thinking about doing a little webbing on the sleeves too. Plus now Sarah has me thinking about pockets lined with colorwork spiders!

I am so looking forward to this KAL – everyone has such different ideas for how they want their sweater to turn out, and they will all be gorgeous!

Now for the whiny part. On Tuesday, this came to the house

DH opened the envelope for me and sent me a pic of my badge, and we were talking about all our Seattle plans. He was going to come along with me next week and relax while I was in classes, and we had dinner and activity plans for the evenings and the day we got there.

Then Thursday this came out

I absolutely get why they did this, but still. It is very disappointing. I have been looking forward to this event for a while now. I was registered for some interesting classes and lectures. So we cancelled our trip, because we can use those vacation days for something else now that the main reason we were traveling is gone. That mostly worked out OK except for an airline cancellation fee we got whacked for. So sorry for the whining, but I just had to let it out. Now I am done, and thanks for bearing with me!

Anyway – tomorrow, sock progress report!

18 thoughts on “Halloween Sparkle, and Some Whine with my Cheese

  1. I’m sorry your trip was cancelled. It just stinks. I hope you get to go and have a great time when it’s rescheduled.
    Sparkle is exactly what your spiderweb needs:) You and Sarah are going to have epic sweaters:)

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  2. Such a disappointment ! However, totally understand and thinking here in the UK we are going to see similar events cancelled or postponed. Still, more time to start that beautiful sparkly knit!

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  3. At least it’s postponed, and not cancelled? Totally get your disappointment though. I have a knitting conference coming up in April and I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t get cancelled. ALSO! OMG that sparkly yarn is going to be so amazing in that sweater!

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  4. The yarns you choose are fantastic for that sweater. So sorry to hear about your fiber fest being postponed. I have my fingers crossed that the one I have signed up for in Dallas will not get postponed or canceled. I would have the same airline issue as I bought a nonrefundable ticket and they do not give credits either for a future flight.

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  5. Oh no! I thought airlines were going to be lenient with cancellation fees. So sorry your event was canceled.

    On a positive note, I love the sparkly gray yarn for the web!

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    1. They are being somewhat lenient in a very few circumstances. We booked these flights quite a while ago – I registered in December. Our airline was forgoing fees for tickets bought in the last month or so. Oh well – it could always be worse!
      I love the sparkle yarn too! Hoping it looks OK 🙂


  6. I love your sparkle yarn! I just ordered some sparkly yarn from Knit Circus; their gradients are consistenly stunningly beautiful. I have a plan for it, and waiting for it to arrive is just making me all the more excited about it.

    I am really sorry that we won’t meet/see each other at VKL Seattle. But it’s good that Vogue canceled already; that gives you more time to change plans. Governor Inslee is banning gatherings of more than 250 people in the Seattle area, so it wouldn’t have happened anyway.

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    1. I have been checking out Knit Circus – they really do have beautiful yarn! It is always hard to wait for the pretties 🙂
      True – everything is getting shut down right now. Better safe than sorry, and hopefully the precautions help slow the spread of the infections.


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