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On Your Mark

I’m a bit over halfway with my Dockside cardigan sleeves, and going out of my mind with boredom at the miles and miles of stockinette. So I decided to give myself little breaks over the course of the day, and get my stitch markers organized. I put them in a bead/findings box that was originally from Michael’s:

There’s a lot of spare space, but I know there are still markers hiding out amongst the project bags. And I suspect there will be more stitch markers in the future.

Some of my favorites were gifts from two blog friends – Sarah and Liz πŸ™‚

Sarah of mildlygranola sent me this beautiful hand beaded snowflake, and also this cool tea and treats stitch marker set!

And Liz at HighlandHeffalump sent me these lovely sea glass and seashell progress keepers:

Many of the others I made myself during my jewelry-making phase, some came with yarn clubs, or I just got them because they looked cool. Now that most of my markers are assembled, I notice there is a disproportionate number of skulls in there…

Oh well, at least now they are organized!

If you are a knitter or crocheter, do you use stitch markers? If you do, do you like to collect and use different ones, or just have utilitarian ones?

18 thoughts on “On Your Mark

  1. What a fantastic collection:) It’s so nice when they have special meaning.
    I have a bunch too. Some are gifts and others my husband made. My favorites are a set of simple small hoops with a single bead on them. The original set I won in a podcast contest and since then I have active sought out the same style.

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  2. Oh aren’t you the clever one?? I can’t believe I never thought of that–I used to make jewelry and used those containers for beads. Right now my markers are in several assorted tiny containers but this would be so much better. Thanks for the idea!

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  3. I use hand made beaded markers over all others. I have some for the needles and some with lobster clasps. I need to collect them all and distribute them between my knitting bags. I always need one and realize I don’t have a container of them in that bag.

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