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One Last Quiz for 2019

As usual, this quiz is from Karen at NothingButKnit.

  • How will you spend the last night of 2019? Will you party all night? Will you go to bed early?
  • Do you have any little superstitions about ringing in the new year?
  • Do you have craft plans for 2020? Are you hoping to try new things or improve your current set of skills?
  • Do you have resolutions for 2020? If so what are they? If not do you have a word or goal for the new year?

And my answers:

  • We will very likely spend New Year’s Eve at home, eating snacks and watching TV or movies – not sure what yet. I will likely be up at midnight, but I will be in bed reading, and my DH will be fast asleep by that time.
  • As far as superstitions for new year. I do like to start as I mean to go on, so I try to make sure the house is clean-ish. And I will do some knitting and reading both on the eve and on New Year’s day. We do have a good luck new year meal we always do – from my Pennsylvania Dutch background. We have pork, cabbage, and potatoes. As my granddad told it to me, the pork is because pigs root forward, so you will make progress. The cabbage symbolized money. And the potatoes are there because they taste good with pork and cabbage. I do one thing different from my family. Growing up, we always did sauerkraut, which my DH purely hates. So I make another cabbage dish.
  • I do have a craft plan for 2020! 🙂
  • I do not have any resolutions at this point, and don’t have a word. Though that is a great idea. I will think about that!

Please feel free to play along – either in the comments or on your own blog. If you do post your answers on your blog, please post a link so we can read them!

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