Marlisle Mitts Progress

Now that everything is settling back down somewhat, I have been working away on my Delftig mitts. They are moving along pretty well – in about 10 rows or so the decreases begin for the top.

The waste stitches you see on the palm side are where the afterthought thumb goes. The thumbs get knit in the same pattern as the palm. It is turning out pretty well! I am wishing I had done two at a time, though hopefully casting on the second one right away will help in avoiding second mitten syndrome 🙂

What are you working on, and how are is it going?

6 thoughts on “Marlisle Mitts Progress

  1. I really wish I could see them in person, because I want to touch them so I can get my brain around them. They look really cool. I’ve been working on my sockhead cowl this week because I’m too tired to knit anything else.

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