Fiberific Weekend with Even More Archaeology

I had a pretty fibery weekend! Yesterday I went to a beginner’s drop spindle class, and I am so glad I did. I did try using a spindle earlier this year and did manage to make a yarn-ish substance with a little help from YouTube and Bluprint. However, I kept feeling like I was doing something wrong and did not know what it was, let along how to fix it. Then I saw this class posted at a new store in town called The Fibering Squad. (Ha!)

The class was taught by a local guy whose main line of business is making turned wood spindles and other fiber craft tools. His toolmaking business is Working Wood Productions. He makes really nice tools, and his approach to selling people his tools is kind of like Mr. Olivander selling kids their wands in Harry Potter. “You’ll know your spindle when you hold it in your hands.” is what he told us. The store is in the living room of his house. He has goats outside in his back yard, and also sells their fiber when he has some. So it was not an entirely typical yarn shop experience, but it was very pleasant and welcoming.

Anyway, two other ladies and I sat down with John in his living room, and he did a quick demonstration, then had us all give it a try. We all had a little experience with spindle spinning, but none of us was very good at it. He came and sat with each of us and observed, and gave us good pointers for things that we, as he very kindly put it, “could be doing even better.” He was very gentle about it, and kept saying “There’s no right way to spin” but of course there are better ways and worse ways.

Whenever I am learning a physical skill, I feel like it’s best to have someone experienced to help me learn. And he gave me great pointers that immediately helped. So it was really helpful, and he answered a lot of random questions I have about spinning and yarn construction. And also he gave us a discount on one of his good spindles, which I took advantage of.

I still need to practice, but I finally feel like I’ve got it. I did a little spinning last night, and a little today. Hopefully keeping at it will be helpful!

Then today, inspired by my binge on Digging For Britain earlier this weekend, started watching Time Team, another British archaeology show. Time Team apparently ran for 20 seasons, so that should keep me out of trouble for a little while. For anyone interested in checking this show out, I found it on Amazon Prime. This evening’s Time Team binge got me through the second last section of my Perfect Blend shawl and a little bit of the last section. Almost done!

How was you weekend? Get to do anything crafty? Or for those who aren’t crafty, did you get to enjoy the hobby of your choice?

7 thoughts on “Fiberific Weekend with Even More Archaeology

  1. Glad to hear Time Team is now on Amazon Prime. I watched all 20 seasons on YouTube and the quality wasn’t always good. I would love to have an Olivandery experience with a spindle maker! I have two drop spindles but honestly I’m ready to replace my wheel.

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  2. It really is helpful to have a spinning instructor, in person! I did a semi-private in-home lesson with a friend and a great spinning teacher. The teacher and her husband make spindles and other wooden tools. I don’t have enough time to really take up spinning; I just wanted to know how yarn is made!

    If you spin a little every day, your spinning will improve by leaps and bounds.

    I went away for the weekend, barely any internet data from the sky. It was great. It was a weekend for block printing, so I carved a block and made some very lovely tea towels.

    On to the next thing!


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