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Thankful Sunday

I’m going to try writing one post a week for November on things I am thankful for – joining nothingbutknit, mildlygranola, and apetitesliceoflife in this lovely idea 🙂

I am thankful for (in no particular order):
– a great family and a great husband – they are pretty awesome
– good friends
– cats – both my current ones and ones I have had in the past, and really just cats in general
– being born into a pretty good time and place – is it perfect? No. But it is pretty good
– coffee and yes, tea – they keep me awake and in a relatively good mood
– knitting – always something new to learn or try!

That’s a lot of the big ones I can think of right off the top of my head. Hope that you are also lucky/blessed/charmed/however you want to think of it as well!

I am enjoying this, but will have to move it to Thursdays going forward. The lack of alliteration is killing me.

**Edited to add: This is not intended in any way to try to tell anyone else what to do – this is just my plan. New thing to be thankful for – we can be thankful however we want!

13 thoughts on “Thankful Sunday

    1. It is a really cool idea, and I’m glad to be participating! I wasn’t meaning to nitpick the day. I just really enjoy alliteration. Possibly too much Batman TV show when I was little 😀


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