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Evolving Plan

So my previous plan to put all my yarn away in organized bins seems to be giving way to a plan to just pile it all into precarious stacks.

May need to spend some precious crafting time getting re (re, re, re) organized.

Do you have any methods for keeping things tidied away? Or do things occasionally spin out of control for you, too?

23 thoughts on “Evolving Plan

  1. I keep thinking I’m organised and then suddenly find I’m reorganising. We had guests coming so everything was crammed back in the wardrobe, now I’ve had the house to myself for a few days and I’ve pulled out wet felting, needlefelting stuff, there’s spinning stuff out and obviously my knitting! Oh and to put away some new acquisitions I had to pull out my dyeing stuff. Now I wonder how it all fit in before! I can feel another reorganisation coming later today as hubby, his brother and mother will be here for the weekend. Definitely not buying yarn next year to help stem the tide.

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  2. There is little organization in my life. My yarn is stored in large bins in the basement just willy nilly. I tried to put things by weight but my stash is too unbalanced for that. I have way more sock yarn but the worsted skeins are bigger plus the project bags and the UFOs. It’s just a mess.

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      1. True – your hobbies don’t require a lot of stuff.
        And if you are reading mostly ebooks or library books, that keeps the book stuff from getting out of hand as well! I am trying to have less stuff, but somehow yarn is the exception. Though it shouldn’t be! Yes, the cats do need stuff! Mine too 🙂

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  3. I am always fighting the disaster in the stash. I bought a narrow 5 shelf metal unit at IKEA that I can stack my plastic bins on that really helps as I can slide the bins on and off the shelf easily and with labeled bins it is easier to grab what you want. The shelves allow exactly 4 bins each so I can sort the yarn by weight and color.

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  4. I go through phases where I’m meticulously organized, then I buy one skein or move a project bag and it all falls apart. My knitting stuff is spread out around the house, mostly so my husband never notices how disorganized it really is.

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  5. I found drawers or cubes in shelves works best for me. If I have to stack and unstack containers it all goes to pot. But being able to just open a drawer is much easier. Now, the stuff in the army trunk is another story. I hate opening that hunk of metal! But it has so much storage! I guess I need to put stuff in there I don’t get out often. Like Christmas decorations.

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