Harry Reconstructed

I got Harry Bollasockyarn’s little poet outfit completed finally ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry for the terrible indoor photo. It is a black turtleneck and a black beret, and they are blocking right now. I you follow the link above, you will see his Webs glamour shots.

I tried them on him, reconfirming what I knew when I had finished him – he is about an inch too short. At first I tried to just ignore it – why would it matter? But none of the ball bands that came with him fit, and his turtle neck, no matter how severely I folded it over, looked like he was wearing a little goth onesie.

However, I don’t want to completely redo him. For one thing, when you lock the backs on those eyes, they are locked. And I am far too lazy to go shopping around for new plastic eyes just like those and then completely reknit. So I made one of those decisions that sounds logical at the time. I decided to unravel the increase part of his bottom up to where his full stitch count started, and then add an extra inch or so in that direction. It sounds easy, right? Except he is knitted in twisted stockinette, so all the stitches are looped around all goofy. Consequently, I didn’t get as far as I hope to, and he is stuck halfway undone and not looking thrilled about it.

Just have to get one more row undone, then to add just a little more length. But I’m pretty confident it’s going to work out just fine!

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