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AK State Fair!

Yesterday DH, my Mom and I all went out the Alaska State Fair for the day!

Our big fair food treat is deep-fried cheese curds, which we got and ate as soon as we got in the gate. The same stand sells my DH’s favorite treat – pork-chop-on-a-stick. I get *one* bite of the pork chop, which is fair. He talks about those things all year long.

Then it was off the the crafts judging building for a vast array of quilts! This is Mom’s favorite thing at the fair, so we spend some time checking them all out.

Other than that, we spent a lot of time walking around and seeing the sights. One thing we wanted to check out was the giant vegetables. And we did see some of them.

That pumpkin is not the giant pumpkin. We wanted to see giant pumpkins, but there were none to be seen. Based on previous years, we were pretty sure there were going to be some humdingers around somewhere. But where were they?

This sign, placed outside the agricultural barn, is very typical of Alaska, land of incomplete information. It is a little off of true form as it gives a time. However, no location. Also, it does not define “Today”. It is very Alaskan to leave something like this up until the poster rots off the boards. We looked around, but apparently this was happening in a different barn, because we were at the agricultural barn at 2. But in an case, we did learn a bit about how trustworthy these assorted vegetable weights are.

Good to know!

The other thing this year’s fair had a lot of was pretty nifty topiary. Like this mama polar bear and two cubs in a plant-based frosty landscape!

And also these flying pigs, rotating slowly but majestically…

These really were very well done, especially the bears!

So all in all, a wacky good time was had by all. We had a few delicious but not very healthy treats, saw some sights, and left before it got too full or crazy.

Are you going to your local fair? Any wacky fun of your own to report?

21 thoughts on “AK State Fair!

    1. It was. Pork chop on a stick is pretty good – they brine and season them, so they are a quality chop πŸ™‚
      It was really gorgeous! All of the petals and different sections were quilted with different stitch patterns. I don’t think the photo quite got the details, but it was beautiful!

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  1. The AK state fair looks awesome! I live in Lancaster County, PA. There are lots of Amish who make beautiful quilts and sell them inexpensively from shops at their farms. I love them. The quilts at the fair, though, are works of art! Almost too pretty to use!

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      1. It doesn’t come up much – I haven’t been back in some time. My immediate family has moved elsewhere. My DH’s family is still mostly there, so he visits somewhat frequently, and sometimes I come along πŸ™‚


  2. Our state fair this year was all about super heroes. I planned to go see Thor on “Thorsday”, but the rains came. When I finally went it was Spiderman day and he’s just not as dreamy as Thor. But we did see our friend’s daughter show her lamb!!

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