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2019 So Far

Wow this year is flying by! I normally like to take a look at how I am doing with my crafting plans around mid-year – so this is a little late.

According to the plan, 2019 was the year I planned to learn as many new techniques as I could, while still getting some actual projects completed. So how did I do?

As far as learning new techniques – OK but not great. New things I have learned include:

  • tubular cast on
  • mosiac knitting
  • dip stitches
  • designing and pattern writing
  • drop stitches
  • intarsia in the roune

That’s not really a lot, especially given that we are halfway through August. However, there is still time to get learn more.

As far as production, also OK but not great. Due to my tendency to be distracted by every shiny new thing that comes along, I do tend to go off plan pretty much all the time. To hopefully avoid that for the rest of the year, I have adopted a new practice for the rest of 2019. I call it the Bin of Completion.

Everything in this bin is first priority. If it’s outside the bin, it’s a distraction. The BoC contains 2 WIPS – Find Your Fade and Forest Weave, a kit to make a mobius cowl (new technique – yay!) and the rest of Dolores’ outfits. That, plus the Soft Pretzels socks and the Perfect Blend shawl are the things that I will get done this year, come hell or high water. Perfect Blend has been moved to my desk drawer at work for lunchtime knitting. Soft Prezels is the primary knit right now, though I may mix in one of the projects with bigger yarn and bigger needles as a bit of a break for my hands.

Next level of priority is the Maybe Box.

The Maybe Box contains patterns and supplies for making the Pleione Cowl and the Braid-O-Rama cowl. (Two more techniques – yay!) They get worked in as 1st priority items get completed.

Also notionally in this box, if not physically yet, projects from the Boost Your Knitting pattern club. I have decided that I need to start picking and choosing with these projects. When the project of the month involves a new technique, I will do it right away. Otherwise it will wait for another time. This month’s project is armwarmers using the Knitsonic technique for choosing Fair Isle colors. I have already done a bit of that type of work, so decided to put it aside for another time. However, there are still techniques listed for the club that I haven’t tried yet, so looking forward to those!

The Kate Davies creativity project club is going to be starting up again in early September and going for the next six weeks. I’m not sure yet if I am going to do the assignments as they come out, or if they will get set aside for another time.

So in conclusion, this year has been a bit of a mess as far as my knitting goals for myself. But if I stick to the plan and stop being distracted by every shiny project that comes my way, I may be able to get it done!

How about you? Do you like to set hobby goals for yourself, or just go with the flow?

11 thoughts on “2019 So Far

  1. My knitting goal for this year was to mostly use stash except for Camp. Iโ€™ve done ok with that. I expected to have used more skeins but I think all of us expect more of our knitting time than we can actually accomplish:)

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  2. Goodness that sounds like a lot! I’m not as disciplined as you but recognizing that fact, don’t make goals. Of course, I don’t knit either. My projects just happen organically (don’t you love that word? It’s in vogue now. I have no idea what it means but it sounds cool to use it!). Anyhow, oh look squirrel! Gotta go.

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