Perfect Blend Shawl Clue 2

I have 4 rows of garter stitch to do yet to finish this clue, but I think that’s pretty darn close to finished, so here’s how it’s going…

Here’s the whole thing so far

Casapinka switched things up a little bit this week by adding some texture pattern rows between the garter sections. It definitely made the knitting more interesting, if a little more fiddly πŸ™‚ Sorry wasn’t able to get good pictures of the new sections in clue 2. Hopefully will get a better shot in daylight tomorrow!

How are your projects coming along?

11 thoughts on “Perfect Blend Shawl Clue 2

  1. Looking good. I am halfway through a color work hat. It was supposed to be my vacation knitting, but I couldn’t keep from starting it. Oh well, more yarn coming means more hat knitting on vaca.

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