Crescent Shawl Design – Last Version, I Swear

I got a good start on my last run-through of my new crescent shawl design. The first 2 versions used 100 yds each of 4 colors – 1 beaded, the other not. I wanted to try a version with 5 smaller miniskeins of a more average size. When the directions are finished, I should have 2 different basic version, plus a beading option, plus directions for how to place your pattern repeats if you want to make a bigger version. Hopefully. There’s math involved, so we shall see. Fortunately the DH is pretty mathy, so I have someone in-house to check my numbers. 🙂

Anyway, I got the first section done and a bit into the second section, when disaster struck!

Actually, that was more dramatic than the situation warranted. What actually happened is I ran out of yarn before I wanted to.

And here’s me losing yarn chicken

I went too far with the pattern repeats in section one, but tried to pretend that what was clearly not enough yarn was just fine. So I was just getting into the alternating stripes leading into the second section, and ran completely out. Halfway through the stripe. Sigh. I should really have ripped it back. But this is my third time in a month knitting this darn thing, and I just couldn’t.

Auditioning replacement yarn to get me back to the end of the row

And here’s how it turned out. Good enough!

Part of me wants to put this down until next weekend now and do a bit more on Forest Weave, but more of me wants this just done. We’ll see which side wins!

How are your projects going these days?

2 thoughts on “Crescent Shawl Design – Last Version, I Swear

  1. Yarn chicken is always interesting. Sometimes we win and sometimes not. Do you find yourself knitting faster thinking you will make it before the yarn gives out? I do that… doesn’t work lol. You have really dedicated quite a bit of time to this pattern. I admire you “stick to itness”.


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