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Tea For Two: June = Green Tea

This month’s Harney and Sons shipment has landed, and it’s all about the green!

The organic plain green has a nice grassy, vegetal smell, and the Japanese Sencha is more vegetal with fruity overtones. I have to admit, green teas are not my favorites, by and large. I will go for black tea over almost anything else. That said, there are a couple of green teas I do like. Possibly I need to pay more attention to water temperatures or steeping time. Green tea is supposed to be pretty much based on how you deal with those issues. So we shall see!

Now the next issue is where to put them. My tea drawer at home currently looks like this…

And my drawer at work isn’t much better. Better get on drinking this tea!

How about you? Have any current tea ( or coffee or whatever) favorites?

10 thoughts on “Tea For Two: June = Green Tea

  1. Right now my favorite coffee is Just Haiti dark roast. We switched to medium to try it and I muss the dark. Most of my teas are herbal, but my favorite black tea is Taylor’s Scottish Breakfast. I should go get another box.

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