Apple Swizzle Hat is Done!

I did get a lot of knitting time in yesterday, some of it in public, and managed to get my Apple Swizzle hat done!

The pattern is by Thea Colman (Baby Cocktails) and the main feature is dip stitches. Dip stitches are when you pull extra loops of yarn through the fabric you are knitting to create different textures and effects. Jen of AC Knitwear has a great tutorial on how to do dip stitches here, for the curious. The loops in the centers of the ovals are the dip stitches – the ovals are knit stitches on a purl ground.

I made the medium size, which fits my 21″ head very nicely – I don’t like baggy hats. The pattern wants you to do three repeats of the stitch pattern, but I did 2 and a half before going to the crown shaping. When I first finished and tried it on, it was a little short. But then I soaked and blocked it, and it is perfect! The yarn relaxed a little bit on soaking – whew!

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

14 thoughts on “Apple Swizzle Hat is Done!

  1. Love the hat! I’ve saved the tutorial on dip stitches but now I know exactly what they look like, I’ll be actually reading the article! Lovely colour.

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