So Forest Weave is coming along, shawl design is moving too – everything progressing nicely, aaaaand…

Squirrel! It’s the start of a new month, so it’s time for a new Boost Your Knitting pattern! This is going to be another nifty one – dip stitches! This is where you pull extra loops of yarn up through stitches a few rows down and over from where you are to create texture and raised patterns on your knitting.

The pattern this month is designed by Thea Colman and is called Apple Swizzle. I’m still trying to work out of stash as much as possible, so I fished around and found this lovely skein of DK weight yarn dyed by Gnarledpaw – my favorite indie dyer, who unfortunately closed her business down last year. I’ve been using my stash of her yarns very carefully, because there won’t be anymore. But I think this hat will be worth it!

As it happens, I wanted to try this technique anyway – I got a small pattern collection by Hunter Hammersen and set aside some yarn to make one of the hats.

That won’t be happening for a while, but it will happen. I’m excited to get going!

Any techniques you are interested to try out?

10 thoughts on “Squirrel!

    1. Yes – completely agree! I have a lot of her yarn, but am very conscious that when it’s used up there won’t be any more. So I very grudgingly use a skein or two a year, because it’s too pretty not to ever use!

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  1. Those dip stitches are pretty! I have Hunter Hammersen’s Firmament book, so I’ll eventually open it and look and see what’s inside! I tend to buy books because I like the designer, and then never open them because I’m working on my own designing. Someday!

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