Shawl Design v1 is Done!

Version 1 of my shawl design is done.

Whew! It’s not DONE done, but close. I have been working on this design for a while, picking out stitch patterns for the different bands I had in mind, but hadn’t put them together. Before I tried this with good yarn, I wanted to do one quick version to test whether or not the stitch patterns worked together, if the transition from one yarn to another worked, and so on.

So I grabbed four skeins of KnitPicks Palette yarn I had around in “close enough” colors and gave it a go. It worked! All this by way of saying – I know some of these colors are not great. This isn’t the final version. But here is a cross section anyway!

It is going to get some pretty aggressive blocking tomorrow, which I think will make the patterns a bit clearer and less bunchy.

Next up I’m taking a short break to work on Forest Weave for a bit. After that, back at it. I have two different versions planned – four color and five color, to accommodate different sizes of mini-skeins. (This version is the four color.) And directions to adapt it for more or less yarn. Also my Mom wants a beaded one. And then it gets charted up!

What are you working on right now? Details please!

13 thoughts on “Shawl Design v1 is Done!

  1. Oh that looks so lovely! I too must wash my windows, but I do it with a Windex outdoor nozzle and it makes the process easy! IM working on a shawl with yarn that one of my cats, can’t stay away from. He is usually not a yarn bother, but man oh man this ones making him a pain to try to knit anything

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