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Yarn Chores

I didn’t get a whole lot of knitting in today. We had a little running around to do, and then when we got home, I had to get some yarn chores done.

Mostly, this consisted of labeling balls of leftover yarn and putting them away. And gathering up stray skeins I got out of the stash to think about using then then decided not to, and putting them away. Also, putting reference books back where they go. Sticking sticky notes with calculations and notes on them into their proper notebook sections. Putting knitting needles and tools from finished projects back where they belong. And so on.

So for a whole afternoon’s effort, I have a much less chaotic house and crafting area, but not much actual knitting, sadly! This got me thinking – why can’t I just put stuff away right when I’m done with it? I mean, apparently I can’t, but why? Is it my nature? Am I just lazy and no one calls me on it? This next couple of weeks I am going to make a conscious effort to be tidier with my crafting and see how that works.

How about you? Do you tidy up as you go, or kind of let things go for a while? If you are a tidy person, have any tips for someone who wants to be tidier?

14 thoughts on “Yarn Chores

  1. I tend to be pretty tidy for exactly the reason you describe. There have been too many times when I let stuff go, then had to spend a big chunk of time cleaning up after myself.

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  2. I am a tidy person in most things but when I sew or do projects, not so much. I convince myself to leave everything out until it’s finished (just in case) and then it’s a lot of stuff to put away. Maybe I like to have all options within reach? Nope, just lazy!

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  3. I am so so on the tidying. It seems to go to pot when I have too many irons in the fire. We just left for vaca and my room is a mess. Oh well, it will still be there when I return!

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