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SE2SE #4 & 5 – I Need to Calm Down Now

The people who thought up this passport and sticker thing for getting us fiber people to support endangered breed sheep were marketing geniuses! It really makes you (me, anyway) want to collect them all! I got a little crazy there for a while. Skeins 4 and 5 recently showed up, so I thought I’d share pics and a little bit about the sheep

Black Welsh Mountain

This skein is from Desert Weyr farm, and is yarn spun from Black Welsh Mountain sheep. This is a breed that originally comes from Wales, and is known for being black – as their name implies. They are not a very old breed, having been recognized as such in Wales in the 1920s and brought to the US in the 1970. The yarn is kind of in the middle range as far as softness/roughness. It does have a lot of vm (vegetative matter) in it. but otherwise seems like pretty nice yarn! It is sport weight – not sure what to make of it.

Gulf Coast Native

The other yarn, in two skeins, was spun by Elle of Dove’s Roost Yarn out of Gulf Coast Native sheep. This yarn feels very rich, almost like alpaca. It is very light and is on the softer side. The wool comes from a sheep named Mia, who is a hogget. The other thing I got with this yarn is a vocabulary lesson. “Hogget” is written on the labels and also Elle mentioned that on her webpage when talking about this yarn, so I figured it meant something sheep related -but what? I had to look it up, and now can tell you that a hogget is a sheep between one and two years of age. So now we all get something out of my purchase!

I really have to get going on figuring out what to knit with these skeins – they don’t want to be hidden away in my stash. Also, I have to calm down with these SE2SE yarns. The program runs for 3 years – plenty of time to catch them all!

13 thoughts on “SE2SE #4 & 5 – I Need to Calm Down Now

  1. I learned what a “hogget” is today. Thank you! When I was taking grad classes, one of my instructors had a sheep farm. She raised a type of sheep that looked more like goats (I forget the breed name now). She once took our whole class on a field trip to her farm to watch her operation. It was really interesting.


    1. I am using the search tool on the Livestock Conservancy’s website. Also the Ravelry group has some sellers that are pretty active in posting when they have things in stock to sell 🙂 It’s a real hunt though! There are a lot of the shepherds that have fleece or roving and not yarn, so you will have better luck with some of the breeds, I think!

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