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Tea for Two: Super Fancy Black Tea

This month’s Harney & Son’s tea subscription came yesterday – it was a very fancy tin of their 30 Year Anniversary tea!

Although the ingredients list just says “black tea” the story about it on the side of the tin says that it is made up of a blend of Ceylon and India teas, with the addition of Chinese Silver Needles and Yunnan Golden Tips. What it tastes like is a very good black tea. I won’t claim I can taste all that in there, but it does have a very nice flavor and depth.

On the same topic, designer Casapinka will be hosting an MKAL starting July 8 for a boomerang shaped shawl with a theme of TEA! The name of the design is Perfect Blend. It will take place over 6 weeks and use 12 miniskeins. She is collaborating with Miss Babs, but specs will be open to other dyers as well. Clues will include recipes and tea info. A tea company – Simpson & Vail (which is a new one to me) is going to be blending a special tea for this this as well. Not sure if I am going to participate, but it sure is pushing a lot of my buttons! So we shall see.

How was your weekend? Get lots of crafting and/or other relaxing done?

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